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Float refers to the amount of slack you can afford in your schedule. As stated earlier, all schedules are subject to unforeseen setbacks. If your project lacks float, setbacks can really damage your project, and that is where we come in.

After creating your schedule and analyzing every single factor that might affect it, we determine your total float or the amount of downtime you can afford.

Almost every project has a wiggle room that can be worked with. If a project doesn’t, it is unlikely to meet contractual obligations. We determine just how much wiggle room your project has by finding the optimum level of success your project can possibly have. Then, we look at how much time each predicted setback will take to correct. The goal is to provide enough wiggle room to accommodate most, if not all, potential risks. If risks are avoided, you can finish your project early. If they are not, you should still finish on time due to our intense scheduling process.

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